Chloe + Levi Yosemite First Look Session

When Chloe and Levi reached out to me about their wedding, I looked at the message and immediately cheered out loud. I love this girl, she’s amazing. And when she mentioned they wanted to take their bridals in Yosemite, I was so excited I had to stop what I was doing and do a happy dance. So we started planning. I knew we would be taking these bridals at the beginning of April, which made it tricky. All the epic cliff views (Glacier Point, Taft Point, Sentinel Dome) aren’t open until the beginning of June. We threw around ideas like Yosemite Valley, Mirror Lake, and Tunnel View. Yosemite Valley is gorgeous, but until late May/early June, all the trees are bare, and the yellow grass is smooshed. I went to scout out Mirror Lake and ruled it out because the trees surrounding the small pond were bare, and I noticed it was pretty crowded with visitors. So that left Tunnel View. And I didn’t want to go there because that’s one of the most famous viewpoints in the entire park, and you always will find a steady stream of cars pulling over and visitors flocking to the viewpoint to get that perfect Yosemite picture. That’s when I remembered I had seen photos with this viewpoint but taken higher up. I thought there had to be a hike nearby that offered the same view but would be a less crowded vantage point where Chloe and Levi could do their first look and have some privacy. After some digging, I found it! Artist Point! It was so simple. We could park our cars at Tunnel View and hike the mile up to this spot, and we would have the same view, but we would also have privacy for this special moment. It all worked out so perfectly. I still am in disbelief because we had the spot ALL to ourselves! And guys, we took these photos on a Saturday during spring break, so it was unreal that not even one visitor walked by during the session. After the first look and getting some couple portraits, we hiked back down to Tunnel View, and Chloe and Levi put their wedding clothes back on to get some photos at Tunnel View. Many tourists joined in and started taking pictures of the cute wedding couple, but we tried not to mind because seeing a bride with Bridal Veil Falls behind her was once a lifetime.



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