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When Chloe and Levi reached out to me about their wedding, I looked at the message and immediately cheered out loud. I love this girl, she’s amazing. And when she mentioned they wanted to take their bridals in Yosemite, I was so excited I had to stop what I was doing and do a happy […]

Chloe + Levi Yosemite First Look Session

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Happy first anniversary to these two lovebirds! Now is an as good time as ever to finally get around to blogging their bridals and wedding day photos! The first part of this blog contains a handful of the bridals I took at Antelope Island State Park a week before their big day. The second half […]

Morgan + Logan Wedding

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Of all the photoshoots I’ve done this year, this one was my favorite. I’ve always secretly wanted to be a ballerina. It requires so much poise and elegance. And adding a bit of snow into the mix makes for a winter wonderland experience. Brooklyn must have been freezing while taking photos, but you would never […]

Brooklyn’s Winter Ballet Shoot

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Every year, around the second week of October, if you follow Highway 108 up to the very top, you will find small grooves of beautiful yellow Aspen trees. It’s one of my favorite places to take portraits. For these mini-portrait sessions, we all carpooled and pulled resources. Sophie provided the music, Hannah, the creativity, and […]

Sonora Pass Portrait Bash

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Photographing Matt and Mario’s wedding was such a privilege. They had a small intimate wedding, but all the feelings of love and joy were in full attendance. My favorite part of the day was when they (together) tossed the bouquet to a group of close friends and family. I also loved the sunset session we […]

Matt + Mario Wedding

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I was blown away by how stress free and happy these two were throughout their wedding day. Usually, weddings have a fair amount of stress associated with them. But these two made the most of their special day. Seriously, it was probably one of the most joyful weddings I’ve ever attended. I loved capturing Joe […]

Coryna + Joe Wedding

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I’m just going to say it. Backyard weddings are my favorite! I don’t mean to say that weddings in venues are overrated. So don’t get me wrong. But backyard weddings tend to feel a little more intimate. Originally this wedding was to take place in the Oakland LDS Temple, but because of COVID-19 related restrictions, […]

Emma + Parker’s Oakdale Wedding

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The natural simplicity, beautiful views, and overall grandeur Yosemite offers can make capturing epic moments all too easy. I believe that is one of the reasons Yosemite is so appealing to many brides and grooms. There is a strong contrast between the outdoors’s rugged beauty and the beauty of an elegant bride and groom. And […]

Emma + Parker’s Bridal Session at Yosemite

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I had the opportunity to photograph these two lovebirds as they eloped at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. And thanks to the current COVID related restrictions, I also got to be their witness! The ceremony was charming and full of love and laughter. I appreciated this reminder of what a wedding, at its core, is all […]

Vikki + Dylan’s Santa Barbara Elopement

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Taking photos of a couple in Yosemite has been on my bucket list for a long time. So I was excited for this photoshoot with Breanne and Buddy up at Taft Point. If you look through these, you will probably notice Breanne’s stunning style. She is exceptionally talented at putting cute yet affordable outfits together! […]

Breanne + Buddy’s Couple Session at Yosemite

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