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I bought my first DSLR camera in the fall of 2015. I was studying an unrelated field at college at the time, but I knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer. However reaching that goal felt like a daunting task. I didn't describe myself as being a super "naturally creative person" so I knew it would take a lot of practice. I began taking pictures of friends. I spent countless hours honing in on my trade. I learned what poses complimented different body types and how to get an authentic emotion from a subject. Very slowly photography developed into a side-hustle.  As that side-hustle grew, my dreams looked as if they might become a reality. I stayed patient, worked full time and spent all my nights and weekends in the editing room. Eventually it became clear I could focus all my time on photography as my full-time job. So in the early summer of 2020 I began my career as a full time wedding and portrait photographer.

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Finding a style that fits


It's so important to find a photographer who's aesthetic and artistic style resonates with you. A big part of a photographer's style is how they choose to edit. Are the images they produce really clean and bright or are the colors desaturated and a little more moody?  But style refers to far more than the editing process. What sort of emotional response can a photographer draw from their clients? Are they looking to take photos that are candid or romantic or sexy? Do they mostly work with models or are they working with people who (like me) would need a little bit of instruction. Do they know how to pose a beautifully curvy woman in a complementary way? It all plays a factor. So here's a bit about me and my style.

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My style

My Style Described

Raw and intimate

Creating emotion

My editing style is to keep the photos romantic with earthy yet colorful tones. I love the earth tones; I see it as a color palette inspired by nature. Warm browns, camel golds, forest greens, sienna yellows and reds, soft gray, sumber, and tans. However I still love to express the other colors the my subjects bring to the nature around them. I go out of my way to make sure blues, purples, and reds are still vibrant in my edits being sure to make the people the subjects of their photos. Skin tones are another aspect I base my editing around. I edit to make skin tones rich and warm, always careful not to allow too much warmth and accidentally turn my subject into an Oompa Loompa. As far as posing you during the photographing. stage, my goal is to capture your authentic self in real, candid moments. I do however help direct my clients through poses with the goal being to deliver to you a gallery in which you were interacting with one another so as to elicit that same emotion when you receive your photos. You will be able to look back and remember those special and precious moments, forever more knowing you felt like your true self in them. 

Achieving your vision

What I bring to the table 

While it is important to hire a photographer that has an aesthetic and style you love, it is equally important to have a photographer who will be positive and uplifting on your big day and not add any unnecessary stress. While I am the hired creative who you are trusting to capture your big day, it’s still your big day! So if you have a Pinterest board full of poses you love, that’s awesome, add me to the board and we can definitely review and add them into your day. Or if your parents stood in a certain pose back when they were married and you would like to replicate that pose on your wedding day I say heck yeah, let’s do it! My ultimate goal is to achieve your vision and deliver photos that you will treasure.

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